Tires YAMAHA SR 400

Image of YAMAHA SR 400
Yamaha SR400201990/100-18110/90-18
Yamaha sr400201790/100-18110/90-18
Yamaha sr 400201490/100-18110/90-18
Yamaha sr 400 35-years90/100-18110/90-18
Yamaha sr400201590/100-18110/90-18
Yamaha sr400 wrenchmonkees gibbonslap201490/100-18110/90-18
Yamaha sr 400201290/100-18110/90-18
Yamaha sr400 b.s.r201490/100-18110/90-18
Yamaha sr 40090/100-18 54s110/90-18 61s
Yamaha sr400201690/100-m18110/90-m18
Yamaha sr400 gibbonslap201590/100-m18110/90-m18
Yamaha sr400 homage by benders90/100-m18110/90-m18
Yamaha sr400 lightening by deus90/100-m18110/90-m18
Yamaha sr400 stallion and bronco90/100-m18110/90-m18
Yamaha sr40020113.50-194.00-16

Other data from YAMAHA SR 400

Tires, rims and brakes

  • Brake discs
  • Tires

Engine and cooling

  • Oil capacity
  • Displacement
  • Average consumption
  • Gas tank
  • Dimensions
  • Emissions
  • Engine torque
  • Engine power
  • Engine speed
  • Transmission

Sizes and measurements

  • Acceleration 0 100kmh
  • Maximum speed

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