Front fog lamps PORSCHE BOXSTER

2.5M96.201999Type: PX26DH755W12V
1998Type: PX26DH755W12V
1997Type: PX26DH755W12V
1996Type: PX26DH755W12V
M96201999Type: BA15SH721W12V
1998Type: BA15SH721W12V
1997Type: BA15SH721W12V
1996Type: BA15SH721W12V
1999Type: BA15S - 21W12V
1998Type: BA15S - 21W12V
1997Type: BA15S - 21W12V
1996Type: BA15S - 21W12V
2.72013Type: BAZ15D - 21-4W12V
2012Type: BAZ15D - 21-4W12V
2009Type: BAZ15D - 21-4W12V
2008Type: BAZ15D - 21-4W12V
2007Type: BAZ15D - 21-4W12V
2006Type: BAZ15D - 21-4W12V
2005Type: BAZ15D - 21-4W12V
2004Type: BA15S - 21W12V
2003Type: BA15S - 21W12V
2002Type: BA15S - 21W12V
2001Type: BA15S - 21W12V
2000Type: BA15S - 21W12V
1999Type: BA15S - 21W12V
M97.202009Type: PGJ19-1H835W12V
2008Type: PGJ19-1H835W12V
2007Type: PGJ19-1H835W12V
2006Type: PGJ19-1H835W12V
M96.232009Type: P21H755W12V
2008Type: P21H755W12V
2007Type: P21H755W12V
2006Type: P21H755W12V
2005Type: P21H755W12V
2004Type: PX26DH755W12V
2003Type: PX26DH755W12V
2002Type: PX26DH755W12V
M96.252006Type: PGJ19-1H835W12V
2005Type: PGJ19-1H835W12V
2004Type: PGJ19-1H835W12V
M96252004Type: BA15SH721W12V
M96232004Type: BA15SH721W12V
2003Type: BA15SH721W12V
2002Type: BA15SH721W12V
M96222002Type: BA15SH721W12V
2001Type: BA15SH721W12V
2000Type: BA15SH721W12V
1999Type: BA15SH721W12V
M96.222002Type: PX26DH755W12V
2001Type: PX26DH755W12V
2000Type: PX26DH755W12V
1999Type: PX26DH755W12V

Other data from PORSCHE BOXSTER

Tires, rims and brakes

  • Specifications
  • Tire and Rim Equivalency
  • Screw and rim sizes
  • Brake discs
  • Brake drums
  • Brake pads
  • Brake fluid

Engine and cooling

  • Engine oil
  • Gearbox oil
  • Antifreeze and Coolant
  • Air filter
  • Cabin Filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Oil filter
  • Oil cooler
  • Engine radiator
  • Heating radiator
  • Intercooler
  • Distribution Strap
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Engine capacity
  • Engine torque
  • Engine power
  • Emissions
  • Engine RPM

Electrical System

  • Battery
  • Front fog lamps
  • Headlight Bulbs
  • Turn signal lamps
  • License plate light bulbs
  • Position light bulbs
  • Rear fog light bulbs
  • Reversing light bulbs
  • Brake bulbs

Sizes and measurements

  • Measures and weight
  • Storage capacity
  • Trunk capacity
  • Windscreen wiper measures

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