Engine torque YAMAHA YZF

Yamaha yzf r12002104.90 nm8500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r12003105.00 nm8500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r12006106.60 nm10900 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r1sp106.60 nm10900 RPM
2008106.60 nm10900 RPM
Yamaha yzf 1000 r thunderace2001108.00 nm8500 RPM
1999108.00 nm8500 RPM
2000108.00 nm8500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r11999108.00 nm8500 RPM
Yamaha yzf 1000 r11998108.00 nm8500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r12000108.00 nm8500 RPM
2001108.00 nm8500 RPM
Yamaha yzf1000r thunderace1996108.30 nm8500 RPM
Yamaha yzf 1000 r thunderace1997110.00 nm -
Yamaha yzf-r12004110.10 nm10500 RPM
Yamaha YZF-R1M2019112.0 nm11500 RPM
2020112.0 nm11500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r1m2016112.00 nm11500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r1s112.00 nm11500 RPM
2017112.00 nm11500 RPM
2018112.00 nm11500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r1m2017112.00 nm11500 RPM
2018112.00 nm11500 RPM
Yamaha YZF-R12019112.4 nm11500 RPM
2020112.4 nm11500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r12016112.40 nm11500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r1 60th anniversary112.40 nm11500 RPM
2017112.40 nm11500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r1112.40 nm11500 RPM
2018112.40 nm11500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r1115.00 nm10000 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r1 le115.00 nm10000 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r1 wgp 50th anniversary2012115.50 nm10000 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r 125200912.24 nm8000 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r125201112.24 nm8000 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r125 wgp 50th anniversary201212.24 nm8000 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r125201712.24 nm8000 RPM
201812.24 nm8000 RPM
201412.24 nm8000 RPM
201512.24 nm8000 RPM
201612.24 nm8000 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r125 abs201512.24 nm8000 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r125200812.24 nm8750 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r 125201012.24 nm -
Yamaha yzf-r125201212.24 nm -
201312.24 nm -
Yamaha YZF-R125201912.4 nm8000 RPM
Yamaha YZF R15202014.1 nm8500 RPM
Yamaha YZF R15 V14.1 nm8500 RPM
Yamaha YZF R15201915.0 nm7500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r15 version 2.0201815.00 nm7500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r15s15.00 nm7500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r15 lc4v200815.00 nm7500 RPM
Yamaha yzf15201115.00 nm7500 RPM
Yamaha yzf r15201715.00 nm7500 RPM
201815.00 nm7500 RPM
Yamaha yzf r15s201715.00 nm7500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r25201522.60 nm10000 RPM
201722.60 nm10000 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r25201823.00 nm10000 RPM
Yamaha YZF-R25201923.6 nm10000 RPM
202023.6 nm10000 RPM
Yamaha YZF-R3201929.6 nm9000 RPM
202029.6 nm9000 RPM
Yamaha YZF-R3SP29.6 nm9000 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r3201629.60 nm9000 RPM
201729.60 nm9000 RPM
201829.60 nm9000 RPM
Yamaha yzf 600 r thundercat200265.00 nm9500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r6 wgp 50th anniversary201265.70 nm10500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r6201165.70 nm10500 RPM
Yamaha yzf 600 r thundercat200365.80 nm9500 RPM
Yamaha yzf 600 r thundercat199666.00 nm9500 RPM
199866.00 nm9500 RPM
200066.00 nm9500 RPM
200166.00 nm9500 RPM
Yamaha yzf 600 r199966.00 nm9500 RPM
Yamaha yzf 600 s thundercat199767.00 nm9500 RPM
Yamaha YZF-R6202067.5 nm10500 RPM
201967.5 nm10500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r6201667.50 nm10500 RPM
201767.50 nm10500 RPM
201867.50 nm10500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r6 racing201767.50 nm10500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r6199968.00 nm11500 RPM
200168.00 nm11500 RPM
200068.00 nm11500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r6200668.00 nm6930 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r6200268.10 nm11500 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r6200368.50 nm12000 RPM
200468.50 nm12000 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r7200072.00 nm9000 RPM
200172.00 nm9000 RPM
Yamaha yzf-r7200272.10 nm9000 RPM
Yamaha yzf 750 r78.46 nm9500 RPM
Yamaha yzf 750 sp199379.80 nm9500 RPM
Yamaha yzf 750 r80.40 nm9500 RPM
199680.40 nm9500 RPM
Yamaha yzf 750 r80.42 nm9500 RPM
Yamaha yzf 750 r genesis199782.00 nm9500 RPM

Other data from YAMAHA YZF

Tires, rims and brakes

  • Brake discs
  • Tires

Engine and cooling

  • Oil capacity
  • Displacement
  • Average consumption
  • Gas tank
  • Dimensions
  • Emissions
  • Engine torque
  • Engine power
  • Engine speed
  • Transmission

Sizes and measurements

  • Acceleration 0 100kmh
  • Maximum speed

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