Engine power YAMAHA WR

Image of YAMAHA WR
Yamaha wr125r200914.75 hp
Yamaha wr125x14.75 hp
Yamaha wr 125x201014.75 hp
Yamaha wr125x201114.75 hp
Yamaha wr125r201114.75 hp
201214.75 hp
201314.75 hp
Yamaha wr125 x201314.75 hp
Yamaha wr125x201214.75 hp
Yamaha wr125r201415.00 hp
201515.00 hp
Yamaha wr125 x201415.00 hp
201515.00 hp
Yamaha wr125r201715.00 hp
Yamaha wr125x201615.00 hp
201715.00 hp
Yamaha wr 250 f200415.20 hp
Yamaha WR155R202016.5 hp
Yamaha wr250r201130.31 hp
Yamaha wr250x30.31 hp
201430.31 hp
201530.31 hp
Yamaha WR250R201930.7 hp
202030.7 hp
Yamaha wr250r201630.70 hp
201730.70 hp
201830.70 hp
Yamaha wr 400 f200045.00 cv
Yamaha wr 426 f200147.00 cv
Yamaha wr 125r20109.79 hp

Other data from YAMAHA WR

Tires, rims and brakes

  • Brake discs
  • Tires

Engine and cooling

  • Oil capacity
  • Displacement
  • Average consumption
  • Gas tank
  • Dimensions
  • Emissions
  • Engine torque
  • Engine power
  • Engine speed
  • Transmission

Sizes and measurements

  • Acceleration 0 100kmh
  • Maximum speed

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