Engine power HONDA FORZA

Honda forza 125201514.08 cv
201614.08 cv
201714.08 cv
Honda forza 125201814.75 hp
Honda Forza 12514.8 hp
Honda forza-ex200619.17 hp
Honda forza-x19.17 hp
Honda forza x201121.45 hp
Honda forza ex200821.45 hp
200921.45 hp
201121.45 hp
Honda forza x200821.45 hp
200921.45 hp
Honda forza abs201522.00 cv
201622.00 cv
Honda forza z abs201422.00 cv
Honda forza201522.00 cv
Honda forza z201422.00 cv
Honda forza si201522.00 cv
Honda Forza 300201924.8 hp
202024.8 hp
Honda forza201725.48 hp
201825.48 hp
Honda forza 300201625.48 hp
Honda forza abs201825.48 hp
Honda Forza25.5 hp

Other data from HONDA FORZA

Tires, rims and brakes

  • Brake discs
  • Tires

Engine and cooling

  • Oil capacity
  • Displacement
  • Average consumption
  • Gas tank
  • Dimensions
  • Emissions
  • Engine torque
  • Engine power
  • Engine speed
  • Transmission

Sizes and measurements

  • Acceleration 0 100kmh
  • Maximum speed

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