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What engine oil for Volvo v50 ?

The recommended engine oil for the Volvo v50 is the Synthetic oil 5W-30 and needs a quantity of 4.3 liters.However, this may vary depending on the year, so we have elaborated a list with all the recommended oils and quantities for each year of Volvo v50 :

1.6B4164S32013Synthetic oil 5W-304 liters
2012Synthetic oil 5W-304 liters
2011Synthetic oil 5W-304 liters
2010Synthetic oil 5W-304 liters
2009Synthetic oil 5W-304 liters
2008Synthetic oil 5W-304 liters
2007Synthetic oil 5W-304 liters
1.8B4184S112010Synthetic oil 5W-304.3 liters
2008Synthetic oil 5W-304.3 liters
2007Synthetic oil 5W-304.3 liters
2006Synthetic oil 5W-304.3 liters
2005Synthetic oil 5W-304.3 liters
2004Synthetic oil 5W-304.3 liters
B4184S82010Synthetic oil 5W-304.3 liters
2009Synthetic oil 5W-304.3 liters

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