Image of OPEL TOUR
2004 - 20111.4-16V Maxx5600 RPM
1.4-16V Arizona5600 RPM
1.4-16V Essentia5600 RPM
1.4-16V Enjoy5600 RPM
1.4-16V Njoy5600 RPM
1.4-16V Comfort5600 RPM
1.3 CDTI Essentia4000 RPM
1.3 CDTI Njoy4000 RPM
1.3 CDTI Arizona4000 RPM
1.3 CDTI Maxx4000 RPM
1.3 CDTI Enjoy4000 RPM
1.3 CDTI Comfort4000 RPM
1.7 CDTI Essentia4400 RPM
1.7 CDTI Enjoy4400 RPM
1.7 CDTI Njoy4400 RPM
1.7 CDTI Comfort4400 RPM
1.7 CDTI Maxx4400 RPM
1.7 CDTI Arizona4400 RPM
1.6-16V CNG Enjoy6200 RPM
1.6-16V CNG Arizona6200 RPM
1.6-16V CNG Essentia6200 RPM
2002 - 20041.6 Maxx5400 RPM
1.6 Comfort5400 RPM
1.65400 RPM
1.6 Njoy5400 RPM
1.7 Di-16V Maxx4400 RPM
1.7 DTi-16V Comfort4400 RPM
1.7 Di-16V Comfort4400 RPM
1.7 DTi-16V4400 RPM
1.7 Di-16V4400 RPM
1.7 DTi-16V Njoy4400 RPM
1.7 Di-16V Njoy4400 RPM
1.7 DTi-16V Maxx4400 RPM

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