Antifreeze and Coolant SAAB 9 3

Image of SAAB 9-3
1.8B207E2011Red7.5 liters
2010Red7.5 liters
2009Red7.5 liters
2008Red7.5 liters
2007Red7.5 liters
2006Red7.5 liters
2005Red7.5 liters
2004Red7.5 liters
B204L2003Red8.5 liters
2002Red8.5 liters
B205L2003Red8.5 liters
2002Red8.5 liters
1.9Z19DTH2011Red -
2010Red -
2009Red -
2008Red -
2007Red -
2006Red -
2005Red -
2004Red -

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